AOSM Support Group Code of practice


Practitioners are bound by the conditions below. To;


  • give client welfare priority at all times

  • work within the limits of your qualifications, training and insurance, referring any undiagnosed condition where appropriate

  • be accountable and fully responsible for all actions taken

  • comply with all legal requirements of/for practice of all therapies in which you are qualified, such as licensing or any other appropriate permission required

  • hold Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance cover

  • be honest in all interactions

  • have respect without prejudice for all clients and fellow practitioners whatever their race, colour, creed, sexual orientation, gender, culture, beliefs or social standing

  • maintain complete client confidentiality

  • give individual attention in a caring and professional way to each client

  • maintain complete cleanliness of self, clothing, equipment and any accessories used in the course of work

  • abide by, and keep up to date with, Government and industry guidelines in relation to the provision of therapies since the Covid-19 pandemic

  • describe the service offered accurately, honestly and professionally whether it be verbally or by way of promotional literature and to maintain the standards covered by this code

  • refrain from diagnosis or claims to cure, or prescription of medication, supplementation or lifestyle changes or other recommendations unless professionally and appropriately trained and qualified so to do

  • carry out a suitable health questionnaire for every client, be aware of contra-indications and cautions to the therapy, refer to a medical practitioner if appropriate and keep a record of all consultations, therapy provided and aftercare advice. These records should be kept in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations 2018

  • endeavour to remain conversant with the most up to date research and developments within the field of Seated Acupressure/On Site Massage and any associated therapies

  • apply yourself to the best of your ability at all times

  • if providing massage on behalf of another company, to comply with the agreement between you and that company.  This includes passing on to the company which you represent, any sales leads or enquiries which arise as a result of working on behalf of that company.