Seated Acupressure Refresher

Sometimes life has a habit of disrupting your well laid plans. You trained in a number of complementary therapies with the intention of taking the world by storm. However, for a variety of reasons, your plan has had to be delayed/put on hold.


Now you are ready to reactivate your plan. Excellent :-)


But where do you start?


You know you want to get back into the corporate market offering Seated Acupressure.


Can you remember what to do and are you confident?

Will your massage be safe for both you and the client?

How much do you charge?

Where do you source your clients?


Sooo many questions to be answered. If only you could refresh your skills and knowledge.

Well you can!


This half day refresher workshop is designed to help you both with the practical side of things (skills, techniques and execution of the massage itself), the consultation (cautions, contra indications), and some of the more administrative side of things (legal and professional, pricing, sourcing clients).

Even if you didn't train with AOSM, you will still benefit from this workshop


Duration: 4 hours (9am-1pm unless otherwise stated)

See Terms & Conditions of booking HERE

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