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Hands Free Seated Aupressure

Hands Free Seated Acupressure


As the name suggest, the focus of this course is to carry out massage using techniques that are predominantly hands free.

You often hear of practitioners being affected by hand and wrist injuries and may have even suffered problems yourself. This can happen for a number of reasons but usually due to poor technique and/or overuse.


Have you ever had a client asking you to be firmer and in trying to do so, you end up applying excessive pressure through hands/wrists with the result of injury?

Or, have you found yourself doing back to back massages every day with little thought for your own personal health.

We often learn by our mistakes but it is better to avoid the mistakes in the first place!

This course was developed to help practitioners protect themselves by offering a number of  techniques that can be applied hands free.

That does not mean to say hands should not be used in massage. We are simply providing a number of additional techniques that can be incorporated into your massage. We encourage you to tailor the massage to suit both the client and you, the practitioner. These techniques help provide additional 'tools' from which to select from your massage 'tool box'

 Course Dates & Fees 


Seated Acupressure Massage  Kingston Bagpuize

(nr Oxford)

Oct/Nov 2019