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Business Plan

Marketing On Site Therapies

Having gained your fantastic qualification you can't wait to take it out to the world.

For many, carrying out massage is their strength. Marketing their business is not.

Everyone on the diploma course will have some experience (both good and bad) of marketing their business as they are already qualified practitioners. Most of this will have been aimed at the private sector. Now, with your shiny new qualification, you want to target the corporate sector. But how?

This half day workshop is predominantly aimed at the beginner who as yet, has little or no experience in the big bad corporate world! Our aim is not to tell you what is right and wrong but to provide you with a whole host of ideas that can be put into action. These range from;


  • initial set up - brief discussion/review as most practitioners have covered this stage

  • business plan

  • initial approach and presentation to a company

  • how and what to charge - funding options available

  • social media

  • general marketing

  • events and exhibitions


The day can run for groups or for individuals. Group work allows sharing and discussing ideas and experiences. For individuals the day can be specifically tailored for that particular practitioner. 


We are all different and what seems to work for one person does not necessarily work for another. There is definitely an element of trial, success and error involved!

Further ideas and information can be found in the On Site Massage Association (OSMA), set up with practitioners of on site therapies in mind. 

 Course Dates & Fees 


Seated Acupressure Massage  Kingston Bagpuize

(nr Oxford)

Oct/Nov 2019