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Massage At Your Desk

With increasing demand from Companies for a large number of people to be massaged in one day, we are frequently asked by practitioners how to do a massage when someone is still sitting at their desk.


We have answered this question many times but it is very different describing something over the phone or via email, compared to actual 'hands on' massaging.


So, we have developed a workshop designed to give practical experience of what can be done but also, the limitations often faced whilst carrying out these shorter massages.


Areas covered within the workshop include;


  • different techniques and their application

  • how to complete a health questionnaire in limited time whilst still ensuring you have the information you need to decide if this massage is appropriate for the individual at that time

  • limitations- both environmental and physical

  • how to create a 'skeleton' routine from which an individual massage can be tailored


By giving and receiving massage during the workshop the practitioner gains the confidence and experience to provide an appropriate massage for their clients that is also practitioner friendly.


Massage At Your Desk can be used as a 'one off' thank you to staff or on a regular basis. It can also be an ideal introduction to Massage At Work and the opportunity to progress to Seated Acupressure using your massage chair.

 Course Dates & Fees 


Seated Acupressure Massage  Kingston Bagpuize

(nr Oxford)

Oct/Nov 2019