Massage Tools 


Hands up those of you who have a massage tool or two hidden away in the back of a cupboard. When you bought it, you had every intention of including it's use in your massage but somehow it has been abandoned.

Maybe you are unsure of the techniques you can use? Is it just too much hassle when you already have a routine?

Well, we have the answer!

This unique workshop will show you how to incorporate the use of a variety of massage tools into your  Seated Acupressure Massage and Indian Head Massage.


You will also learn how to use the tools to relieve your own tired muscles - always a good thing!


Whilst the main tools covered in this course are Bongers, Jacknobber and Kneader, we encourage you to bring along any others you have and we will help you to bring them out of retirement!

This is a fun and informative day, learning new skills that you and your clients will love.


Participants must hold a Professional Body Massage or On Site Massage Qualification, plus/including A&P.

Duration: 4 hours (9am-1pm unless otherwise stated)

See Terms & Conditions of booking HERE

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