Managing your massage

As the cooler weather approaches we are faced with a dilemma relating to massage and in particular, couch massage. Why this type of massage you may wonder? Mainly because this is often oil based massage which requires skin exposure for a period of time. Clearly the you need contact with the skin. You want your client to remain warm, at the same time maintaining good ventilation (remember that Covid-19 has not gone away).

We have already had one winter season to find a suitable way of working, though the area where I live did not have a great deal of frost or particularly cold weather to deal with. That made things much easier to manage in my own treatment room, when taking into consideration relevant Government, Professional Association and Insurance guidelines.

But things have changed, and are likely to continue changing. In particular, the costs for utilities is increasing dramatically.
That means it will cost more to heat your treatment room.


Bearing in mind your need for ventilation during the treatment in order to reduce the possible spread of Covid-19, and there is a conflict of interest. You want to keep your client warm, but maintain good ventilation. The two are generally working against each other.

What if you use an extra towel or blanket to cover your client as an alternative? This may work BUT, you then increase the amount of washing you have to do as all towels/linen must be washed after use. My solution last winter was to simply ask clients to bring any extra towel/blanket with them if they felt they may not be warm enough. My clients were happy to do that (though only 1 decided to), and have all said they are willing to do the same this year. This seems to work for me and my clients so I will keep this system in place.

I appreciate this may not suit everyone, but it is certainly one to consider.

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