Seated Acupressure 

Course content

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact this has had, the format and content of our Seated Acupressure Diploma has been adjusted.


The course content is divided into theory and practical aspects of learning.

The theory aspect involves individual home study and group on line study.


As any massage qualification requires considerable and essential ‘hands on’ training, the practical aspect remains as classroom work. 


During the practical classroom days you will learn and practise skills and techniques that together, provide a massage that is suitable for your client and you, the practitioner.


An initial routine is taught, giving you the basis from which to work. We all have different health history, including you, so it is important to know how to tailor the massage to suit both your client and you.


By breaking the massage down into smaller modules, it helps make your learning a more thorough, effective, and manageable experience.


Over the duration of the course (home study, on-line study, practical training), the following elements are covered.


Part 1 of the SAM Diploma involves;


  • discuss the aims (and limitations ) of SAM, screening, cautions & contra indications, introduction to meridians and working with energy, brief history and background of SAM

  • explanation and demonstration of the correct set up of the chair to ensure the safety and comfort of both the client and you, the practitioner. You will have a number of opportunities to practice this with different makes of chair

  • concentrate on the practical techniques of SAM with special attention to the posture and positioning of the practitioner, the use of body weight and good practise in respect of practitioner injury prevention

  • as a group, discuss the details of what is required for exams (theory and practical)

  • as a group, discuss what exactly is required for case studies  (how and when to complete and record)  

  • receiving a massage from the tutor so you can understand how it feels for your client to receive and the effects afterwards

  • opportunity to observe and see how the massage techniques flow together to provide the complete massage

  • practicing the techniques on fellow students under the guidance of the tutor

  • receiving massage from fellow students to learn how adjustments/corrections to the application of individual techniques can impact the feel of the massage

  • by the end of practical day 1, you will carry out a complete massage on a fellow student, with guidance from the tutor. This way you can focus on the experience of putting everything ‘together’


Part 2 of the SAM Diploma involves;


  • refining your core skills for the basic routine so they are of the highest quality and most effective. This includes fine tuning of point locations, application of the techniques and your posture

  • receiving a 1 x 1 with the tutor whilst you massage a fellow student. The tutor can give guidance and feedback on your posture and application of techniques

  • receive a further 1 x 1 whereby you massage the tutor, who can give important feedback from a receiver’s point of view in respect of pressure, quality of pressure, rhythm and flow of the massage and specific point location

  • the introduction of a number of additional techniques

  • how to carry out shorter, 5 or 10 minute massages

  • discussion about marketing this type of massage

  • discussion and role play regarding health issues/screening prior to SAM (in preparation for the verbal/oral section of the theory exam)

  • completion of a written exam (see below for more information)​

Assessment of the SAM Diploma involves;

  • practical & oral exam (approx. 8- 12 weeks after completion of Part 2)

  • theory exams (written = 40%, oral = 60%)

  • case studies. You will need to complete a minimum of fifty massages prior to your practical exam (one massage is one case study and )


Important: practical & oral exams must be completed within 6 months of part two. After this period, refresher training is required before the exam can take place. Please note here will be a fee for this additional training.

Successful completion of the Professional Diploma course leads to the award of a Diploma in Seated Acupressure from the Academy of On Site Massage. This entitles the holder to gain professional indemnity insurance and to work professionally.