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During the classroom days you will learn and practise skills and techniques that together, provide a massage that is suitable for your client and you, the practitioner.

An initial routine is taught, giving you the basis from which to work. We all have different health history, including you, so it is important to know how to tailor the massage to suit both your client and you.

The 4 classroom days are split into two parts.


Part One  (2 days) will concentrate on the practical techniques of SAM. The basic routine (20-25 minutes)is broken down into smaller modules to allow ease of learning for the individual techniques and their specific application. Special attention is placed on the posture and positioning of the practitioner, the use of body weight and good practise in respect of practitioner injury prevention.

The correct set up of the chair is often overlooked, particularly with many different makes and style of chair available. It is vital to ensure this carried out effectively for the safety and comfort of both the client and you, the practitioner. 

You will have an understanding of the aims (and limitations ) of SAM, screening, cautions & contra indications, introduction to meridians and working with energy, brief history and background of SAM.  Discussion and explanation of what is required for exams (theory and practical) and for completion of case studies.

During the 2 days every participant will receive a massage from the tutor to give you first hand experience of how it feels to receive the massage and the effects it can have. This provides a valuable learning experience both from a receiving and observational aspect.

Part Two (2 days) involves refining your core skills for the basic routine so they are of the highest quality and most effective. This includes fine tuning of point locations, application of the techniques and your posture. 


Having the opportunity to go from the class, practise the new skills to then return and have individual follow up training is invaluable. On each day you will receive a one to one session with the tutor. The first one has a focus on your posture and application of techniques. For the second session you massage the tutor, giving you important feed back in respect of pressure, quality of pressure, rhythm and flow of the massage and specific point location.

You will learn a number of additional techniques and how to carry out shorter massages (5/10/15 minutes) for demonstrations or at events/exhibitions where a large number of people require massage. 

In addition there is a section on marketing SAM to the Corporate Sector, group discussion and role play regarding health issues/screening prior to SAM (in preparation for the verbal/oral section of the theory exam) and the opportunity to complete a case study on an external visitor to the class

Assessment: There are three elements for SAM which are, practical & theory exams, case studies.

The theory exam is further divided into a written paper (40%) and a verbal/oral paper (60%). The written paper is completed on part two of the course. The practical and verbal/oral exams are completed on the same day, on a date arranged with the tutor (please note you will be required to travel to the tutor).

All case studies must be completed before the practical exam takes place and is generally between 6 to 8 weeks after part two

Note: practical & oral exams must be completed within 6 months of part two. After this refresher training is required. Details available if required


You will need to complete a minimum of fifty massages prior to your practical exam. One massage is one case study. Case studies begin on part one of the course. A number of massages can be completed on one person but it is important to massage a number of different clients. Guidelines and guidance is provided by the tutor for their completion.

Successful completion of the Professional Diploma course leads to the award of a Diploma in Seated Acupressure from the Academy of On Site Massage. This entitles the holder to gain professional indemnity insurance and to work professionally.

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