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Why train with us?

Gosh, where do we start!? We can think of many reasons to train with us :-)

Experience and quality come immediately to mind but here are a few more....


Proven track record

  • Established in 1989, the Academy has trained over 2000 massage practitioners in seated acupressure 

Comprehensive training

  • Our 4 day diploma course delivers the most thorough training available for Seated Acupressure

  • Student practitioners must have an existing qualification in Bodywork (including Anatomy & Physiology)


Individual attention

  • Small class sizes are critical to allow the provision of individual attention for each student

  • By working on each other during practical training, you have the opportunity to both give and receive the massage. These are valuable aspects of learning.


Minimum strain techniques

  • You can be confident that the techniques we teach have been developed with minimum strain to you, the practitioner, whilst remaining both safe and effective for your clients.


Support for you before, during and after your course

  • You will receive some pre-course information from us to help in your preparation for the exciting new skills you are about to learn.

  • During the course we guide you through the many different techniques with demonstrations and participation. This includes the opportunity to both give and receive the massage (it's always good to receive massage!)

  • Working with the guidelines and suggestions we provide you on the course, you can now be 'full steam ahead' with your case studies in preparation for your exams. But (as the song goes), 'you're not alone'.... We are always hovering in the background to answer questions/provide guidance.

  • Successful completion of case studies and practical & theory exams leads to your shiny new qualification. Add your insurance and it's a case of 'watch out world, here I come!'.

  • Do remember to keep in touch though. Just because you are qualified doesn't mean we want you to abandon us.  If you need advice, suggestions, a 'wall' off which to bounce your ideas or even just a chat, the Academy's teaching team are never more than an email or phone call away.  We encourage you to stay in touch. put another way, we love to help :-)


Further training opportunities

  • Yes, you are now putting your qualification to good use. But don't stop there. Go ahead and build your business but remember to continue learning. It's good for you and it's good for your clients.

  • We offer a number of one day/ half day courses and workshops designed to give you more skills for your massage skills 'tool box'. Good for professional development and keeps your massage fresh and inspiring.

On Site Massage Association

  • Providing news, information and support, OSMA is an association aimed at qualified Seated Acupressure and other 'on site' therapy practitioners.

  • Details of benefits can be found here. 


The best biscuits in town!

  • OK, it might not be the main reason why you book on a course with us but none of our students go hungry! For the health conscious among you, there's plenty of fresh fruit too 😊

 Course Dates & Fees


Seated Acupressure Massage  Kingston Bagpuize

(nr Oxford)

Oct/Nov 2019